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Accompanying our exceptional seasonings are our delectable catering service. Our team of culinary experts creates culinary masterpieces inspired by the diverse and vibrant food culture of Louisiana. From gumbo and jambalaya to mouth watering crawfish boils, we curate an unforgettable experience for every occasion.

The Story Behind Dat's Louisiana

Cooking with Chef Chris

Growing up in a household of five, my mom had to prepare large amounts of food to last us throughout the week. She cooked everything in her kitchen and always had me with her to watch and learn how the food was prepared. To me, as a young man, it was like magic! So I guess I can say that's how I started cooking. She taught me my way around the kitchen.

After graduating from culinary school in my local town Lake Charles La in 2012 I decided to move to California where I was trained under celebrity Chef Alan Greeley at The Golden Truffle in Costa Mesa.  Thanks to my uncle Chef Lanney Smith, ever since my journey never has never stopped, I have been working for years with dedication to my culinary arts. While embracing the bold and soulful flavors that define Louisiana cuisine.

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