Dat's Louisiana Catering

Welcome to Dat’s Louisiana

Where we bring the vibrant spirit and mouth watering flavors of Louisiana straight to your plate.

Our brand is a celebration of the rich culinary heritage that emerged when the French settled in this beautiful state. At Dat’s Louisiana, we honor the tradition and embrace the essence of Louisiana cuisine, infusing every dish and seasoning with the authentic taste of the bayou.

Dat’s Louisiana menu is tailored just for you! Offering a la carte,we love to be creative and have more than enough experience to tailor all needs. With your budget & our talent, outstanding services are guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Dat’s Louisiana creole different?

We carefully selected our herbs and spices, that will elevate your cooking to new heights, whether you're grilling ,roasting or sautéing how bout you be the judge.

Where are y'all located?

Lake Charles, LA. However, we do travel….

I have seafood allergies do you cook non-seafood or vegan meals?

Yes, allergies aren’t a problem here at Dat’s Louisiana. We offer an open a la carte menu so we can focus on your needs.